About the author

Well, the comic really tells you a lot about me since it *is* about me. Mostly, anyway. ^_^

I grew up in a smallish town in central Minnesota. Bullies were the bane of my existance and I spent a lot of time either reading or daydreaming.

But enough of the past, you'll get enough about my childhood from the comic. Currently I'm an unemployed artist keeping starvation at bay only through the kindness of my parents. I'm into fantasy, sci-fi, anime, dinosaurs, history, mythology, animals, you name it.

The comic itself got its start through a few failed attempts at making something newspaper-worthy when I was (I think) ten. I unburied the idea after I discovered webcomics during college. After a name change (or two, or three) and a lot of nontoocareful consideration, I launched Mary Quite Contrary. It's supposed to run in more or less real time, like Gasoline Alley or For Better Or For Worse. We'll see how that idea turns out.

What are you doing still here? Read the comic, already!

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